The Entrepreneur's List

I wasn't supposed to be there.

No one said that, people are nicer than that, but that was definitely the vibe. 

The retired gentlemen on the ski lift couldn’t quite make sense of me. It was a Wednesday. I was at Deer Valley, outside of Salt Lake City, skiing by myself. 

Guys my age weren’t supposed to be skiing midweek. 

I was supposed to be at work. 

I was supposed to be somewhere rolling a rock up a hill, only to let it fall back the next day, and the next, right up until retirement and a perma tan in Florida with a golf cart in a planned community with a name like “Seasons” or “Watercolors.” 

Only I wasn’t. 

I was on a ski lift, midweek, having a lot of fun.  

Finally, one of the elderly skiers said, “Well, you must have a great job!” I thought for a second and replied, “I do!” I’m an entrepreneur and I love it. 

If you are too, I have a few ideas to share with you. That’s why I’m starting a free, once a week idea experiment called, “The Entrepreneur’s List.” 

The concept is really simple. Every Thursday, I’ll send you one, brand new, not available anywhere else idea about being an entrepreneur. 

I’ll probably send out 100 ideas over the next few years, but at the heart of every one will be two goals. I will help you do the following: 

1. Make more money. 

2. Have more fun. 

The first one is obvious. If you don’t make money, you don’t get to be in business very long. 

The second one is often completely skipped by other entrepreneurs. There are so many shiny, fake gurus online telling you to grind 24/7 and sleep when you’re dead. 

They’re dumb. 

I think you should ski. 

I think you should take off the summer if you want to. 

I think you should surprise your spouse with a trip to Hawaii if that’s your thing. 

Do I think you should make money? Of course. A lot. The fear of success we wrestle with is a huge waste of time. I hope you’re wildly successful. 

Want to buy a Porsche in a crazy color? Want to donate to your favorite charity and change your city? Want to buy a house on a beach somewhere? Awesome. Let’s do all those things and more. 

Being an entrepreneur can be fun, whether you’re full time or working on a side hustle while being faithful to absolutely crush your normal job. 

It’s time to make more money and have more fun. 

Join the Entrepreneur’s List today and find out how. 



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